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Everyone wants to get a great deal. This is why we've grouped of all of our best deals in one convenient place. Lots of our customers bookmark our "deal of the week" Web page, so that it's easy for them to check in...and then check out the latest deals!

Deals vary from time to time and we offer a host of products, so there is always something for everyone. For example, this Web page is the best place to score an amazing deal on a pedal from Electro-Harmonix (such as the popular Hum DeBugger, which eliminates hum!) or EBS.

Microphones, headphones, articulating mounts, drum/percussion microphone packs and plenty of other products are available here for rock-bottom prices. Some products at this Web page feature a little red "sale" tag. If you like a particular "sale" product, be sure to click on it in order to get more details.

Other products featured are just very well-priced in general and do provide our customers with superior ROI (return on investment). 

Get More For Your Money

We know that you want the right equipment for less. At Kindsound, our buyers source out the most impressive equipment, from world-class brands, and then offer it to you for prices which are hard to beat. We're an established and respected company and we believe in the products that we sell. We also believe in offering our customers products which are super-affordable.

Also, we're committed to offering caring and personalized customer service. For example, our online shopping interface is so easy to use. We offer customer service via phone and email. If you're aren't sure which Deal of the Week is right for your needs, please connect with us. We'll be sure to offer lots of expert guidance. We're here to answer all of your questions. 

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