Leprecon LP612MPX-DMX Controller 2x12Ch 90-21-0034

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  • Leprecon	LP612MPX-DMX	 Controller 2x12Ch 90-21-0034

The compact LP600 series stage lighting consoles are fully featured, easy to operate, and designed to withstand the most demanding conditions. Combining high performance with an intelligent layout allows users to operate the lighting console in manual or memory mode. Available in 12 or 24 channels, the LP-612 and LP-624 consoles come equipped with DMX and Microplex and are an industry standard for rental houses, small theaters, Houses of Worship, A / V companies, and schools.


Leprecon LP612MPX-DMX Controller Features:


  • Two Scene Preset Mode - Allows manual control oflighting
  • Softpatch - Control up to 96 dimmers on 12 or 24faders
  • Chase Memory - Easy to program chases, make lightingrun a continuous pattern
  • Cue Stack and Go Button - Playback of a show usingone button to advance scene to scene
  • Four Pages of Playback Memories - 48 or 96 locationsto store presets
  • Simultaneous DMX and Microplex control output - Use with virtually anydimmer for updating systems or rentals


Leprecon LP612MPX-DMX Controller Specifications:


  • Channel: 12
  • Two Scene - Preset: Yes
  • Softpatch: Yes
  • Preset Faders: 12
  • Preset Memories: 48
  • Cue Stack: Yes
  • Go Button: Yes
  • Bump Buttons: Yes
  • Dipless Crossfader: Yes
  • Chase Memory: 11 Patterns - 24 Steps Real LevelMemories
  • Microplex Output: 3-pin Microphone cable
  • DMX Output: 5-pin XLR
  • Times Fades: Yes
  • Blind Edit: Yes
  • 120V External power supply: 12-15 VAC, 1 Amp
  • Weight - lbs (packaged): 9
  • Height, Width, Depth (inches): 2.87" x 15.41" x 10.13"