Media Shout MediaShout 6 Church Presentation Software (WIN)

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  • Media Shout	MediaShout 6	 Church Presentation Software (WIN)
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MediaShout 6 is a unique church presentation software that builds upon the success of its predecessor with several new features such as a simplified interface, inline editor tool, lyric use reporting tool, and more, making it the most expansive and powerful program from MediaShout yet. MediaShout 6 updates all the powerful, user-friendly features its predecessor was known for and adds new highlights like dual Bibles and a liturgy manager.


MediaShout 6 Features:

  • Auto Create Lyric Slides: Choose the song and MediaShout creates the slides for you. Comes with 2,500 public domain songs or import from CCLI's Song Select.
  • Add Scripture From 67 Bibles: Simply choose the book, chapter, and verse from the 67 included versions of the Bible and MediaShout will create the slides for you.
  • Dual Bible: Choose the Bible reference you want to display, then select a second version that will automatically be shown side-by-side.
  • Liturgy Manager: You can manage liturgy content now as easily as you can song lyrics. Ideal for call and response text. Easy to reuse week after week.
  • Virtually Any Media Type: MediaShout plays video (multiple codecs), DVDs (from any point), mp3s, CDs, aiff files, wav files, still images, and even websites.
  • Announcement Loops: With this tool, MediaShout will automatically display the announcements you want in a given week, and skip the ones you don't.
  • Twitter Feeds: You can easily search Twitter by hashtag or keyword, approve the ones you want, and then display tweets on your main display.
  • Playback Powerpoint Files: If someone on your team still uses Powerpoint to create their slides, you can easily link to the file and play it back from inside MediaShout.
  • Worship Band in Hand Integration: Sync worship songs to lyrics and simply press play to listen and sing along. Great for extending worship teams.
  • Migration Tools: If you're upgrading from MediaShout 5, you can migrate any or all of your data and settings, including Lyrics, Installed Bibles, Announcements, Presets, Templates, and more.