Music Education

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For every music stand bought we will donate a portion of the proceeds to a local music education department. Come back soon to vote for your hometown!

 Please consider purchasing for your local school system as a charitable gift.

What a great way to pay it forward.

Music Education

Here we offer a variety of different musical education products and equipment. Whether you want to learn the classic acoustic guitar, a good old fashioned 4 string bass guitar, an electric guitar or even the piano, here we offer a variety of different DVD's, books and equipment all based around musical education and learning.

The start of any musicians journey begins when he learns his first instrument, ensuring that the student has all the equipment and knowledge they need to fulfil their potential is extremely important, especially at the early stages in the learning process.

Here at kindsound, we ensure we have the best quality materials for your consumption while learning how the ins and outs of your instrument as well as information on topics such as music production and music theory.

On top of this we also have an array of helpful gadgets that can allow for a much easier time of the initial stages of learning, simple things such as a clip on tuner, a music stand or a rhythm trainer can really help in the early stages where the student is still learning the ropes.

Our wide range of Metronomes, stands, books, DVD's, tuners and more will be of great help whether you are an aspiring musician, a parent looking to teach their child, a tutor or even a school music teacher!

We provide you with the assurance all of our products in the music education collection are of the highest quality and do exactly what they are made to do, they provide a strong foundation upon which to create a lifetime of music.

We wish you the best of luck, whether you are opening the world of music up to more people or are simply looking to learn more about your chosen instrument, or maybe even learn a new skill!