Guitar Amps

KindSound Amps

While acoustic guitars are going to let you produce a very particular and instantly recognizable sound, when you step into the realm of electric guitars you’re going to have a lot of extra flexibility, a lot of extra adaptability, and a lot of extra room to experiment with your guitar – so long as you have it set up with the right amp going forward!

The amp that you choose to partner with your guitar is going to make a huge difference in not only the quality of the sound that you produce, but the clarity and the uniqueness of that sound as well. There are so many different amps available on the market to pick and choose from that just diving in headfirst without any real idea of what to look for is dangerous – and that’s why we here at KindSound have worked so hard to curate the perfect amps for the guitars that we make available.

Settle in on the right technology

While tube technology used to be considered really state-of-the-art (and still is in some places around the world), solid-state and digital amplifiers are head and shoulders above anything that those previous generation amplifiers could have ever brought to the table and are today considered to be the very best of the best. Even still, those old-school style amps are still capable of producing pretty warm and pretty rich sound, and you’ll need to think about that before you the trigger on your purchase.

Size REALLY matters

There are a lot of different things that are going to come into play to help you determine whether or not an amplifier in one specific size is perfect for you or if you need something a lot smaller or a lot larger, and you’re going to need to consider all of those factors before you dive right in.

Always choose a primary amp for the kind of situations that you anticipate yourself playing in most often, and then look to pick up secondary amps later down the line for more specialized situations. You’ll find everything you’re looking for here at KindSound, though!