Guitar Pedals

Guitar Pedals

There are few  accessories so integrally tied to your tone as guitar pedals. From classic stompboxes and wah wah pedals, to intricate loops and harmonizers, to essentials like tuners and volume pedals, your pedal rig is an essential part of your guitar rig.


Volume pedals are useful, not just for boosting your solos, but also enabling smooth, haunting fading for your leads. But dynamics goes far beyond your volume. Compressors offer a smooth, crisp tone; perfect for tight clean rhythm, and soaring leads, while hum eliminators and noise gates get rid of unwanted elements.


Too much digital processing can be murder on your tone. And even the best guitars can benefit from some good old analog warmth; specialty pedals like the Electro-Harmonix Analogizer and botique stompboxes like the Electro-Harmonix Tube EQ  provide the unmistakable tone that can only come from two genuine 12AX7WA tubes, smoothing out any undue digital harshness.


When people talk about stompboxes, this is usually what they mean. No matter your genre, there's an overdrive for you; whether it's the classic fuzz of an Electro-Harmonix Hot Tubes, or something more sophisticated (like the EH Operation Overlord), you let the world know it's time for your solo when you stomp down on one of these.

Delay and Reverb

From surf to shoegaze, delta blues to death metal, and everything else in between, there's always a use for atmospheric time delay. From lush reverbs, to slapback echoes and long, multitap delays, with classics like the EH Memory Man, it's all at your fingertips. Or rather, your feet. 

For a real trick, you can accompany yourself by using loop pedals; creating a massive layer of sound.

Modulation, Envelope Filters, and Beyond

One of the great things about guitar pedals, is the ability to get some truly "out there" tones. Envelope filters, wah pedals, phasers and so on, can really bring a psychadelic edge to your tone.

There's truly no substitute to a good arsenal of pedals. Luckily, KindSound has you covered.