KindSound Pickups

One of the fastest – and least expensive – ways to completely transform the tone of your instrument is to change the pickup that has already been installed on it. Different types of pickups will transform the tonality and sound of your instrument in different ways, and really experimenting with different options is the only way to find the pickup that makes the most sense for you and the sound that you are hoping to create.

On top of that, there are pickups that are both passive and active and you’ll need to make sure that you find the right one to produce the kind of rich, crystal-clear, and high-definition sound you are after in the first place. Not all pickups are created equally, and even those that promise to deliver the same kind of sound quality may not be capable of doing so.

Here at KindSound, we carry a whole host of different pickups that are going to allow you to completely transform the way that your instrument sounds in a way that just isn’t possible outside of buying a completely brand-new and different instrument all together!

The passive pickups that we offer use copper wire coiled around a magnet to generate sound quality that can be picked up by your amplifier, whereas our active pickups use electronic circuitry and next-generation technology to generate a signal that’s a bit more diverse.

Regardless of the kind of pickup that you are hunting for, we here at KindSound carry plenty of different options to pick and choose from – so many that you won’t have any trouble finding the perfect one for your specific needs or that specific sound quality you are after.

And because we keep our pickup prices so low, you won’t have any trouble adding a handful of different pickups to your collection so that you can mix and match different qualities to create something really unique!