MXL MicrophonesDYNAMIC-MICMATE XLR-to-USB Mic Adapter for Mac/PC

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  • MXL MicrophonesDYNAMIC-MICMATE  XLR-to-USB Mic Adapter for Mac/PC

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MXL's compact universal interface facilitates the connection of dynamic microphones directly to a computer via USB, converting any dynamic microphone into a USB mic.  Installation is quick and easy.  To further simplify using the microphone with a computer, the MXL® Mic Mate™ Dynamic handles analog gain adjustment settings via a built-in three-position attenuation switch.  Studio-quality computer recording is now within the reach of every aspiring musician and recording enthusiast.


  • Studio-quality USB Dynamic Microphone Adapter/Preamp
  • Adapts any existing dynamic microphone to USB
  • Perfect companion for SM-57/58, RE50, and 635N/DB
  • Simple plug & record style operation - no special drivers required.
  • Fully-balanced low-noise analog front-end
  • Three-position analog gain control
  • Compact travel-size with heavy-duty diecast metal construction
  • Modifications for ribbon mics available
  • Free MXL USB Recorder Software for instant 2-Track recording (available directly from MXL's website)