KindSound AVB/Dante

For those looking to digitally mix sound elements, songs, and even complete albums, life becomes a lot easier with the introduction of AVB or Dante technology. Specifically designed to provide those that mix songs and sounds together with all of the broadband “juice” they need, as well as plenty of mixing power with specifically designed monitors and mixers, this is next-generation technology that guarantees all artists and producers have the ability to create the kind of music that they are dreaming about creating in the first place.

Modular system is compatible with almost all mixing equipment

Each and every one of the AVB or Dante solutions provided here KindSound are designed specifically to be as modular as possible. This allows you to really mix and match different elements, different hardware pieces, and different systems together to really fit your workflow – opening up a lot of potential for you to get as creative as you need to an effort to produce the music you want to share with the world.

Plenty of power to achieve the results you’re after

You’ll also find all of these KindSound AVB and Dante solutions to offer the power necessary to mix pretty much any kind of music you are hoping to generate. Everything from four mixers to 16 channel mixers and more are available directly here at KindSound, and all of them are designed to open new potential in your music creation that may not have been possible otherwise.

Straightforward installation, even for those that aren’t all that tech savvy

At the end of the day, not all musicians, producers, or those involved in the music world are as tech savvy as some hardware options require. Thankfully though, with the AVB and Dante solutions you’re able to purchase from us here at KindSound, you don’t have to be tech savvy at all to make the most of these solutions.

Each of these options are as close to “plug and play” as you are going to get!