Kindsound - Wireless

Here at Kindsound we have a variety of different wireless products on offer, whether you are looking to create an entirely new setup or you just want to add to your current setup, we offer several products for you to add to your collection. With prices ranging from the hundreds to the thousands, our wireless range has options for every budget!

We also offer a wireless guitar transmitter for the guitarists out there!

These products in particular make the perfect gift for a musician, all without the chance of wires getting in the way at any point whether that be during practice or performance.

Here you will find our range of wireless products for you to browse at your discretion. The great benefit of wireless equipment is most notable when you already have plenty of wires everywhere, something that, for those who know, can be a serious hassle. Wireless products remove this as an obstacle, allowing you to keep doing what you love without spending hours trying to untangle a mess of wires.

Wireless gear also has the added benefit of being in the forefront of the relevant technology, with wireless gear costing more to produce and becoming more and more common, manufacturers are forced to go above and beyond when producing these products as they are set to become the focus in the industry over the next decade.

This ensures the highest quality products are the only ones to be produced for the wireless market as to keep up with competitors. This translates into higher quality products for you at the same cost as a wired product, making the purchase of a wireless piece of equipment and intelligent investment and something that will likely outlast any of the traditional wired counterparts you will find the on the market today.